If you've been looking for an insurance quote, it's likely that you've been inundated with ads from large national chains. But working with a large chain isn't always best - in fact, there are many disadvantages to it compared to purchasing insurance locally. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a local business for your needs.

1. Lower Overhead Means Lower Prices

Small businesses have lower overhead. Rather than spending an immense amount of money in a national infrastructure and huge advertising budgets, small insurance companies simply focus on offering the best customer service. Though you may have heard of a national chain many times, there is a cost associated with that - and that cost is going to be represented on your monthly premiums.
A local insurance company will need to staff fewer people and will be able to pass that savings onto you. Rather than making half-time commercials, these insurance companies rely primarily upon word-of-mouth. And that means that their service has to be exceptional as well, as they are trying to provide a service that people not only want, but are willing to talk about and refer their friends and family to.

2. Fewer Employees Lead to Better Customer Care

It's common knowledge: small businesses lead to better customer service. When you have fewer employees - like a local office - you'll be able to develop a relationship with your insurance agency that you simply can't with a national agency.

With a national agency, you'll never know exactly who you are calling. When you try to resolve a claim, you may need to talk to a different agent every single time. With a local company, you'll have continuity of care. You'll be able to interact with the same agents and they'll already understand your situation, coverage, and needs. 
And it isn't just that you'll have an easy point of contact; it's also that you'll be able to connect with them during business hours whenever you need them. You won't need to deal with time zones or play phone tag with someone who is often unavailable. In fact, you can go right into their office if you need to expedite a claim, fill out paperwork, or simply ask a few questions about your coverage.

3. Local Insurance Companies Understand Your Needs

Local insurance companies understand the needs of their community much better than a national company. Not only does that mean that their customer service, as noted, is better, but it also means that they can tailor their products to your needs. It also means that they can offer local discounts and other critical savings, in addition to potentially bundling insurance with other important packages. 

4. Buying Local Is Always Better for the Community

Wouldn't you rather invest in your local community rather than investing in a large, national chain? Local businesses are good for everyone: they reinvest their money in the neighborhoods around them, pay property taxes, and often engage in charitable giving.
When you support your local businesses, you ensure that you'll always have choices beyond just a few national chains. This competition is what spurs prices to remain low and services to improve, which helps all customers in the economy.
From being able to connect with your agent to getting better rates, there are many advantages to dealing with a local insurance company. And if you're looking for a new insurance policy, there's no better time to start than today. Contact Joyride Insurance Services, Inc., today to find out more about the insurance options that are available to you. You can get a quote today.