Commercial Auto Insurance

Our commercial auto insurance plans offer protection for your business vehicles, fleet and drivers. We understand that each business is unique, and we tailor your insurance policies to your specific needs. With us, you will find insurance options to cover all your commercial auto insurance needs.
Four White Commercial Car — Insurance Services in Fresno, CA

Your Business Protection

In case of an unexpected loss or accident, Joyride Insurance provides auto insurance coverage for your commercial business. We give you the peace of mind that if someone gets injured due to an auto accident, we have you covered. With the possibility of unexpected accidents happening, our policy options give you peace of mind to focus on what matters: making your business a success.

Business, Office and Property Insurance

We provide plans that will cover your when your commercial automobile or drivers cause damage to you business’ equipment, landscaping, inventory, building or any other asset. If fire, vandalism, damage, theft or anything else happens, you can trust that your assets and business are protected.

Commercial Liability

Take advantage of commercial liability insurance, which will protect your business from financial loss that comes from accidents that cause injury to others from your commercial automobile. This covers property damage or personal injury caused by your employees, services or other processes.

Equipment Floater

If your business is the type that moves equipment from one job site to another, then equipment floater insurance will be good for you. Equipment floater policies will help protect transportable equipment and cover losses from equipment breakdowns and vandalism, theft, fire and flood.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial umbrella insurance is a great supplement to commercial liability insurance and will help cover liability expenses when you reach your liability coverage limits. With commercial umbrella insurance, you can be prepared for large and unexpected liability costs.

Let Your Business Thrive

With good insurance coverage for your business or commercial automobiles, you can rest easy and focus on making your processes more profitable and efficient. Let the experts at Joyride Insurance help you choose the best commercial auto insurance and provide you with a free quote.